Empowering Walworth County
Adults Through Literacy


Walworth County Literacy Council educates and partners with adult learners to reach their literacy goals, thereby empowering themselves, their families and communities. 


Adult Basic Education

(ABE) Program

The ABE program at Walworth County Literacy Council (WCLC) serves students who are fluent in English and in need of the council's services for an array of reasons: to find employment, read and interpret bills, order from a menu, acquire a library card, read to their children or grandchildren, or pass a vital test to further their education or career.

Citizenship Program

The Citizenship Program covers the U.S. Civics and language skills necessary for students to pass the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization test and interview.


Assistance in applying and studying for this process is tailored to the student's needs. Students gain knowledge needed for the test while improving their English.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Walworth County Literacy Council (WCLC) provides learning opportunities for adults who wish to improve their lives by learning to speak, read or write English. This program is available for students who speak no English, as well as those who want to fine-tune their English language skills.

Jail Literacy Program

Adult Basic Education (reading, writing and math) classes are offered at the Walworth County Jail in Elkhorn, WI. Small group classes of incarcerated adults, who are interested in furthering their eduction, are taught by volunteers instructors.


Thank you to our Generous Donors

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